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Artificial Grass Hartford Cheshire (CW8): Designed to replicate natural grass, artificial grass is a versatile material made from synthetic fibres which you can use as an alternative to the real thing. The undeniable fact that it requires much less upkeep and maintenance is one of the advantages that it has over normal grass. It has more recently been used on domestic front gardens and even for business applications, although fake grass was chiefly developed for outdoor sports that typically take place on natural grass. Artificial grass has countless benefits for home and business owners in Hartford, but it also has drawbacks that have to be considered.

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There are several reasons why you might wish to install a bit of synthetic grass in your garden, and the most common reasons are because you are weary of trimming and caring for your existing lawn in Hartford, or you do not currently have a lawn and wish to add a touch of greenery to your outdoor space by covering up a concrete patio or section of block paving. Quite simply, "real" grass lawns can take a fair amount of looking after and not every householder in Hartford has the inclination or time to stay abreast of this tedious task. It is obviously possible to hire a gardener or handyman, however this can become expensive and the job needs to be done on a regular basis or your grassed areas will quickly get out of hand.

Artificial Grass Hartford Cheshire (CW8)

You will not be surprised to learn artificial grass is relatively expensive to install in the beginning, but because of its low-maintenance qualities, will pay for itself many times over in the longer term. Seeing as the artificial grass you can purchase today has been created using modern high-tech materials and is the result of many years of innovation, it is safe to use, incredibly durable and natural looking.

Naturally, artificial grass is not suitable for everyone and you may want to mull over the benefits and drawbacks of this solution if you are considering laying some in your garden. When you're comparing artificial grass with genuine grass the clearest benefit is that synthetic grass calls for little or no maintenance, and plainly this is a primary deciding factor for the busy property owners of Hartford. Artificial grass also stays green and looks good regardless of what the weather conditions are, and no matter what time of year it is, which is another big plus factor.

As "real" grass has to be continually trimmed and cared for, the artificial version is especially helpful for disabled or elderly folks in Hartford. Not needing to worry about this sort of thing is a considerable help for these less capable people. Artificial grass can even be thought as great for the environment, because it never needs to be watered and hence minimizes the use of valuable resources, and thus saves you money.

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Given that mowing isn't required when you've installed artificial grass 1. You won't have to buy a lawn mower. 2. You won't need to dispose of grass clippings. 3. You'll not need to buy petrol or waste electricity. 4. You can rest assured when you are on vacation, since the lawn is never gonna get out of hand.

Pet friendliness is another great advantage of artificial grass, therefore it's worth thinking about if you've got a cat or a dog. It will never get muddy where your dog or cat endeavours to dig holes, and it is easy to clean when soiled by a pet. Whether it is dry or wet, your animals will be happy playing on artificial grass just as much as they are on "real" grass, with the additional bonus that they will not plod dirt and mud through your home on those wet days.

If you are intending to play sports and games on your new lawn or are using it for a children's play area that will endure lots of wear, you might wish to upgrade to a sports artificial grass which is even more durable. Sports artificial grass is lead and cadmium free and provides a flat playing surface in any kind of weather conditions.

Believe it or not, after it's been put down for some time synthetic grass seems even more natural and has got an even more convincing appearance, feeling and looking like the genuine article to the majority of onlookers. Therefore, you won't have to be anxious that if you use synthetic grass in your garden it is going to look fake or ridiculous - in fact quite the opposite, it will likely be the envy of your friends and neighbours in Hartford.

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Artificial grass has a whole host of uses, and it isn't just intended for residential gardens, it could be used for gyms, night clubs, children's play areas, functions, patio decking, nurseries, sports surfaces, golf putting greens, roof terraces, offices, swimming pool surrounds or eateries. Give a balcony in Hartford a makeover by adding synthetic turf and bring the appearance of a lawn to this outdoor area.

Artificial grass isn't vulnerable to diseases and pests because of the materials from which it is made. You'll never have to spray it with fungicides, insecticides or pesticides. This means it's gentler for the ecosystem and far less damaging to wildlife, especially insects. Genuine grass will likely need spraying from time to time to protect it from diseases and pests. It may also be affected by browning throughout the hot summer months, resulting in bald, ugly patches that are hard to repair.

When artificial grass is laid upon a soft surface with a base layer of sand beneath, it will require some form of edging to hold everything in position and protect the integrity of the surface. If you do not fit a suitable edging, the sand will continually move around when you sit, walk or stand on it, and over time you will get lumps and bumps in the grass, together with other issues.

If you would like a really soft feel from your artificial grass lawn you can install it on top of a suitable underlay. When laying synthetic grass on top of paving slabs, concrete or decking, an appropriate underlay is effective for hiding any obvious bumps and lumps.

If you happen to be fairly decent at DIY and possess the required tools and equipment to do the job it is entirely possible for you to put down your own area of artificial grass in Hartford. On the other hand, for most property owners in Hartford the ideal strategy will be to call on the services of an experienced artificial grass installer, because work like this is beyond them. There are a number of artificial grass companies near Hartford who can both supply and fit synthetic grass, and you can hunt around to find the perfect one or you can pay a visit to Bark who will do all the donkey work on your behalf. Artificial grass isn't cheap, so you'll want the installation work to be handled correctly by somebody who knows exactly what they're at. You'll find there are numerous YouTube videos you can follow to help you on your way, should you want to lay the grass yourself. To see a beginner's guide to laying artificial turf head here.

In most situations, people ask family members or friends if they've got anyone they can recommend, and will usually take them on their word and employ the artificial grass installer that is suggested. Is this actually the best way to choose your synthetic grass installer? Possibly not, because your friend or family members' needs could have been different than yours, however it's a good place to start. Word of mouth tells if a project was done well, and will come from someone you trust to be honest and truthful. Even when a specific artificial grass installer has been recommended by someone, you still ought to get at least three or four quotations from different tradesmen in the area, to give you a broad range of what you should be paying.

Prices of Artificial Grass Hartford (01606)

These days, there is a lot of different artificial grasses that can be used in your Hartford garden, and along with that comes a variety of prices which can be anything between around £10 and £35 per square metre. Synthetic grass is typically supplied in rolls (although it is available in tiles) and these are generally 4m wide, and in lengths to meet your requirements (anywhere from 2 metres to 25 metres).

Depending on the kind of grass that's being used and the nature of the surface on which it's being laid, the cost of installation can vary enormously. To give you an idea of the kind of costs associated with installation, you could start with a ballpark price of forty to fifty pounds per square metre. If you're an expert at DIY and have got the confidence to tackle this task, you can even try laying your own fake grass lawn, and save yourself a lot of cash. However, for most people in Hartford, it will be a case of swallowing the pill, and bringing in an experienced landscape gardener or artificial grass specialist to undertake the work.

If your artificial grass lawn has been installed properly, and you have purchased a top quality option, a life expectancy of maybe 10 years or more can be anticipated. A number of different factors can however affect this, including how much foot traffic the grass will be exposed to, and how what it's used for. Whatever happens, you should get good value for your investment of time and money and many years of pleasure from it.

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Installing Artificial Grass on a Concrete Surface in Hartford

Concrete is probably the most unattractive surface that you can have in your garden or on your property in Hartford. It is not really safe for kids to play on and is not all that nice to look at. So, can fake grass be used to mask concrete surfaces? Provided that the surface is smooth, dry and clean, then yes it is certainly suitable for this purpose, in fact adding artificial grass will provide a bit of extra padding so that it's safer for youngsters, and also a touch of colour to that drab, bare chunk of concrete.

This could also be effective for concrete balconies in Hartford, and also for leisure centres, school playgrounds, external areas commercial buildings and gymnasiums, if you happen to be in charge of such premises. For a professional installation you will want to employ a local synthetic grass installer who will then perform a quick survey of the site, sweep and prep the area, remove any dust, loose fragments and weeds, and fix any blemishes in the surface (possibly with a coating of self-levelling screed). Once dry this will then be covered with a good shock pad or underlay, and finally your choice of synthetic grass - enjoy!

Advantages of Artificial Grass

  • No mess and mud
  • Weeding will be a thing of the past
  • Doesn't have to be mowed
  • Safe for young children
  • Remains green irrespective of the weather
  • No need for fertilizers or pesticides
  • Pets love it
  • Does not need watering
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • Low maintenance

Artificial Grass for Dogs Hartford

Artificial Grass for Dogs Hartford (CW8)

There are numerous advantages to laying artificial grass in your garden in Hartford, especially when you are looking at its viability for dogs or other pets. The installation of artificial grass means that your dog cannot dig or traipse wet, muddy paw marks all over your house when it's been raining heavily.

You'll no longer see patchy, brown areas of grass brought on by dog's urine and other messes, and synthetic grass is quick and easy to clean. Mild disinfectant can be employed on stubborn spots, and then cleaned off with a moist cloth or mop. This leaves your artificial lawn looking fresh and clean once more.

Your dog will definitely thank you for laying artificial grass on top of concrete or other hard surface. A cushioned underlay can be installed over harder surfaces before laying the synthetic grass to provide a more natural, springy feel. (Tags: Artificial Grass and Dogs Hartford, Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Hartford, Artificial Grass for Pets Hartford).

Why You Should Install Artificial Grass in Hartford

If the garden of your property in Hartford is looking a bit untidy, and you are trying to come up with ways to sort it out, replacing a natural lawn with an artificial one could be a solution to consider. For most people, the thing that springs to mind with "real" lawns is that they need a fair bit of looking after, and the prospect of a low maintenance artificial version might appear very appealing. When you would prefer an alternative that looks stunning in all types of weather, natural lawns find it hard to compete with their artificial counterparts. If you're considering a synthetic lawn for your terrace or garden in Hartford, below are a few of the many reasons that may possibly convince you to pick one.

Advantages of Artificial Grass Hartford

Less Maintenance - The process of nurturing a natural lawn can be somewhat time-consuming. Constant attention is needed with "real" grass, and during the colder winter months, it's care can be particularly difficult. But, as the care of artificial grass is straightforward, you won't have to stress about any of this. Watering, feeding and lawn mowing will be a thing of the past. Rather than having to spend your spare time looking after your lawn, you'll be free to relax and take pleasure in it.

Child & Pet Friendly - The benefits of artificial grass cannot just be enjoyed by you, because pets and children may also be playing outside in your garden in Hartford. Providing an effective and safe outdoor play area that both youngsters and pets can enjoy, this mess-free, cushioned and soft product means no muddy clothing or grass stains. Because of the materials used to make it, you won't get bald spots or see mud tromped through your property, and it can stand up to heavy footfall without looking worn. In addition, it's terrific for children with allergies, because it does not release any pollen.

Long-Lasting Durability - A properly laid artificial lawn will last for a number of years in your Hartford garden, and will continue to look good without any problem. Getting a natural lawn to look in perfect condition can take a lot of time and effort, and all of that hard work will have been wasted if you neglect it for merely a few short weeks.

No Requirement for Dangerous Pesticides or Fertilisers - You'll not need to use any dangerous pesticides, weedkillers or fertilisers on artificial turf, like you do on a natural lawn. If you have concerns about the environment, then this will certainly be of interest to you, as it will keep your garden in Hartford chemical-free, and will help to reduce the form of ground pollution that can be caused by the use of herbicides and fertilisers.

Remains Green All Year Round - One of the biggest selling points of artificial turf is that it remains beautiful and green right through the year; how who could resist? With all the different kinds of turf to choose from, it is easy to find one to suit any design of garden in Hartford. The real thing will generally die off, turn brown and develop brown spots during the winter months, but with an artificial lawn, this will never be an issue. Just picture it, you will be able to enjoy looking through your windows to a luxurious green lawn, even in the depths of winter.

Money Saving - Not only will artificial turf save you lots of time, it should also save you money once the initial investment has been made. You won't have to fork out for tools and lawn mowers to look after your "real" lawn. Even better, this change will not only save you pounds, but it could earn you some as well. Given that the value of your Hartford property could go up after laying an artificial lawn, it will be attractive to house-buyers seeking a low-maintenance garden and a hassle-free life, should you choose to sell in the future.

Artificial Grass Over Decking

If not properly looked after, garden decking can get quite shabby over time, and this is something that a lot of property owners in Hartford are starting to realise. Now, the replacement of decking can be costly, hence you may be interested in another alternative. Covering over your garden decking with artificial grass is just one way to make it look better, providing that the decking is structurally sound and stable. A thorough cleaning will be needed before installation, and any moss or algae that is growing on the decking will have to be eliminated. For the successful installation of artificial grass on top of decking, it's essential that the gaps between the planks do not exceed 10mm. Laying artificial grass over wider gaps can trigger rippling and sagging, which won't be a very good look for your new grass surface. It may be feasible for you to reduce or fill some of the wider gaps, to make the installation more possible.

It is probably wise to give your deck a coat of preservative before finally covering it, as this will help stop it from rotting and make it last longer. Instead of using adhesive for the fixing process, it is best to staple or nail the artificial grass into position.

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds & Schools in Hartford

For schools and playgrounds, artificial grass represents a game-changing resolution, delivering a safe, enduring, and eco-sensitive surface that amplifies the comprehensive play involvement for youngsters. Recreational areas and educational facilities are increasingly choosing artificial turf as their surface of choice due to its numerous advantages.

The primary reason for the adoption of artificial grass in school playgrounds is safety. A stable and consistent surface is provided by fake turf, unlike the muddy, bumpy, and potentially hazardous real grass. Synthetic turf reduces the risk of slips, falls and trips, creating a safer environment for active play with its reliable surface. Some artificial grass products include shock-absorbing technology, which helps to limit the impact of falls and reduce the possibility of injuries.

Heavy footfall and intense play activities are a daily occurrence in schools and playgrounds. Artificial grass is specifically engineered to stand up to the likes of such demands. The robust construction and durable fibres of synthetic grass allow it to maintain its integrity even after continual use. The minimal maintenance and replacement requirements of fake grass translate to cost savings, as genuine grass can become patchy and worn over time and require more frequent maintenance. (37295)

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