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Artificial Grass Botley Hampshire (SO30): An adaptable material made from synthetic fibres which can be used as a substitute for the real thing artificial grass is designed to look like natural grass. Artificial grass has a number of advantages over normal grass, one of the most significant being that it involves less routine maintenance, and is very durable. It's primarily intended for outdoor sports that are normally or originally played on natural grass; although it is now extensively used on residential gardens and even for commercial applications in recent years. Synthetic grass has numerous benefits for home owners and business owners in Botley, but there are also disadvantages that have to be evaluated.

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If you are tired of cutting and caring for your existing lawn in Botley, or if you only currently have a patio and have a desire to see a bit of greenery to brighten up your garden, you might want to think about having an area of synthetic grass laid. Regularly having to mow and care for a lawn is one of the drawbacks of "real" grass, and busy people in Botley often don't have the time or desire to accomplish this consistently. You could always hire a gardener, but this is a costly option and may not be something that you're keen on doing.

Artificial Grass Botley Hampshire (SO30)

Laying artificial grass is of course not all that cheap to start with, however will certainly pay for itself several times over in the long term, as once it's laid it needs hardly any maintenance. Given that the synthetic grass you can purchase today has been produced using modern high-tech materials and is the result of several years of invention and innovation, it is exceptionally hard wearing, natural looking and safe to use.

You will want to mull over the benefits and drawbacks of artificial grass if you're thinking about laying some in your Botley garden. I guess that the biggest benefit of artificial grass over real grass is that it does not require a lot of maintenance, which is a big plus factor for a lot of householders in Botley. The fact that artificial grass looks the same in any weather conditions is another big advantage for many homeowners in Botley. Artificial grass stays green and looks great in both summertime and winter - no matter how bad the weather turns out to be.

Artificial grass is extremely helpful for disabled and elderly people in Botley, given that they won't have to be concerned about cutting the grass and keeping it maintained. Artificial grass can even be regarded as beneficial to the environment, as it never needs to be watered and hence reduces the use of precious resources, and subsequently saves you some cash.

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Given that mowing is not required with artificial grass 1. You will not need to get rid of grass clippings. 2. You will not have to use electricity or purchase petrol. 3. You can relax when you're on vacation, since the grass is never gonna grow long and out of control. 4. You do not have to invest in a lawn mower.

Another great advantage of artificial grass, if you've got a cat or a dog is that it is accepted as being safe for pets. It won't ever get muddy when your cat or dog tries to dig holes, and it's simple to keep clean when it's soiled by a pet. Animals are as happy playing on artificial grass as they are on "real" grass and they'll not tramp dirt and mud through your home after playing on it.

If you're looking to play games and sports on your lawn or are using it for a kiddie's play area that will undergo a lot of wear, you may want to plump for to a flat, even more durable sports artificial grass. Sports artificial grasses are typically lead and cadmium free and provide a flat topography no matter what the weather conditions are like.

Artificial grass gets even better as time passes, and as soon as it has settled it looks even more convincing, developing the appearance that many would think to be the genuine article in many cases. Rather than stressing that your garden might look ridiculous or fake if you have artificial grass put in, it will instead be the envy of Botley neighbourhood.

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Synthetic grass has a wide range of uses that are not exclusive to gardens including rooftop gardens, bars, eating places, decking, sporting surfaces, putting greens, events, balconies, gymnasiums, swimming pools, offices or play areas. Refresh and renew a drab looking balcony or terrace in Botley by putting in synthetic turf and give your exterior area the appearance of a lawn.

Synthetic grass is not susceptible to pests and diseases due to the nature of the products from which it is manufactured. You won't have to spray it with insecticides, fungicides or pesticides. This is less damaging to insects and wildlife and is gentler for the ecosystem because no harsh chemicals are needed. In contrast, natural grass can of course suffer from many different issues, and might need spraying every so often.

If your synthetic grass in Botley is being installed onto a surface that is soft and where there's a layer of sand, it will need some sort of edging to keep the sand and the grass in position. If you fail to put in a suitable edging, the sand will always be moving around when you sit, walk or stand on it, and in time you'll get bumps and lumps in the grass, together with numerous other issues.

If you would like an extra special soft feel from your synthetic grass you can put it on top of an appropriate underlay. Synthetic grass underlay is also excellent for concealing bumps and imperfections, especially when putting it on top of concrete, decking or stone.

If you possess the neccessary tools to complete the job, and are fairly good with your hands it is not all that hard for you to put down your own artificial grass lawn in Botley. For most folks in Botley however, it will be necessary to hire the services of a specialist artificial grass installer to tackle this project. You'll find there are two or three artificial grass companies near Botley who supply and install synthetic grass, and you can hunt around to track down the perfect one or you can head over to who'll do the donkey work on your behalf. You'll need the installation to be done correctly by somebody who knows precisely what they're doing, considering that artificial grass is not all that cheap. You will find there are a number of instructional YouTube videos that you can view to clarify the process, if you do elect to lay the grass yourself. To discover how to install synthetic grass over concrete go here.

It's said that a large proportion of householders see references from family, friends and neighbours as the most reliable resource before buying any product, or accessing any service, so if you've got a family member or friend who's recently had artificial grass installed, you should ask for a recommendation. Word of mouth will tell if a task was done properly, and will come from a person you trust to be truthful and honest. You'll need to get at least two or three estimates from your list of possible artificial grass companies in Botley.

Prices of Artificial Grass Botley (01489)

These days, there is a huge range of synthetic grasses that can be used in your Botley garden, and to match that comes a variety of prices which can be anything between around £10 and £35 per sq mtr. Generally coming in rolls of 2 metre or 4 metre in width, and lengths up to 25 metres, artificial grass can also be purchased in tile form for smaller projects, from some suppliers.

Installation costs will depend on a number of things, including the type of grass being used and the nature of the surface onto which it's being laid, and can vary considerably. To give you an idea of the costs associated with installation, you could be looking at a ballpark price of £40 to £50 per square metre. If you are an expert at do-it-yourself and have the self-confidence to take on this challenge, you can try installing your own artificial grass, and save a ton of money. However, for a professional installation, it's probably best to employ a seasoned synthetic grass installer or landscaper in Botley.

If your artificial grass lawn has been laid correctly and professionally, and you've bought a decent quality option, a life expectancy of maybe 10 years or more can be anticipated. Things like how much wear and tear it gets, and how much traffic the grass is subjected to, will all affect this lifespan. Nonetheless, you should get several years of pleasure from it, and good value for your investment of time and money.

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Synthetic grass can be installed in Botley and also in nearby places like: Moorgreen, Shedfield, Durley Mill, Knowle, Wintershill, Horton Heath, Whiteley, Sarisbury, Shirrell Heath, Curdbridge, Burridge, Durley Street, West End, Boorley Green, and in these postcodes SO30 2SG, SO30 2SL, SO30 2GB, SO30 2FW, SO30 2SN, SO30 2EP, SO30 2GU, SO30 2TP, SO30 2TX, and SO30 2ET. Local Botley artificial grass specialists will probably have the postcode SO30 and the phone code 01489. Property owners in need of artificial grass installation quotes can simply click on the "Quote" banner.

Advantages of Artificial Grass

  • Weeding will be a thing of the past
  • Hard-wearing and durable
  • Perfect for pets
  • Stays green irrespective of the weather
  • No need for fertilizers or pesticides
  • Will not need to be watered
  • Safe for children
  • Almost no maintenance required
  • No mess and mud
  • Doesn't have to be mowed

Winter Care

Due to its low maintenance requirements, artificial grass is a favoured option for outdoor landscaping projects in Botley. Nevertheless, longevity during the winter season can be maintained by taking specific precautions. One of the essential steps to prevent the growth of mould and mildew is to remove debris or fallen leaves regularly. It is also recommended to brush the grass regularly to maintain its texture and shape.

Preventing damage to the grass in areas with heavy snowfall requires removing snow quickly. A plastic shovel or brush is recommended for snow removal, as opposed to a metal one, which can harm the grass fibres. Your artificial grass will be well-maintained and last for many winters if you follow these steps. In addition to the aforementioned steps, it's recommended to use a turf sanitiser on your artificial grass to maintain its cleanliness and protect it from harmful microbes, particularly during the winter months.

Artificial Grass Edging

Your fake grass will require some form of edging if it is to be laid on a soft surface where there's a layer of sand. This edging is to keep the sand and the grass in place. When there is no edging, you'll probably get bumps, uneven patches and numerous other problems, because as soon as you walk, stand or sit on it, the sand will constantly move around if it's not properly contained along the edges.

You can select from numerous different artificial grass edgings, however as some are far better than others, it's vital that you make the right choice if you want your newly laid grass surface to last for a few years. It is possible to create edging for artificial grass out of paving, wooden sleepers, plastic lumber, flexible galvanised metal/plastic, pressure treated wood or bricks/blocks.

Whilst blocks and sleepers can be pretty effective as an edging, paving slabs are possibly the preferred solution to keeping the entire thing nicely contained.

If you have a circular or curved shape to your grassed area, you'll need to use a flexible edging. Certainly not as strong as the solid alternatives, these flexible edgings are much lighter and can shift around over time. At a later date, you may have to pour in some concrete, to stabilise them and keep them in place.

If your synthetic grass in Botley is being laid onto something solid like concrete or paving, you won't really need an edging, unless it is purely for decorative purposes. (Tags: Artificial Grass Edgings Botley, Edgings for Artificial Grass Botley, Artificial Grass Edging Botley, Fake Grass Edgings Botley).

Artificial Grass Over Decking

If you've an area of decking in your garden and it is beginning to look a bit scruffy, you might be trying to find a solution to the problem. Now, replacing decking can be expensive, hence you might be searching for another alternative. Covering over your patio decking with artificial grass is one great way to make it look better, assuming that the decking is structurally sound and stable. The surface of the decking will have to be cleaned and any algae or moss eliminated. If the gaps between the decking boards are greater than 1 centimetre, it isn't really suitable for the installation of artificial grass. If you choose to disregard this rule and proceed with the installation regardless, you may find that with time ripples will develop on the surface of the grass, and it will not look as attractive as you'd hoped. You could attempt to fill or reduce any significant spaces, if this is feasible.

Before you fit the artificial grass to the decking, it may be sensible to coat the planks with wood preservative to prolong their life and prevent them from rotting underneath the new surface. Instead of using glue for the fixing, it is better to staple or nail the artificial grass in place.

Ground Preparation and Levelling

Ground preparation and levelling play an important role in the installation of fake grass. Improved appearance and longevity are a direct result of good ground preparation in artificial grass installation, creating a smooth and even surface.

Removing debris or existing vegetation from the area is the initial step in ground preparation. The ground is then levelled and compacted to create a stable and firm surface. A firm base for the artificial grass to lay on is created by covering the ground with a layer of crushed gravel or stone. The addition and levelling of sand is the final stage in creating a flat and even surface.

The installation of artificial grass can only look great and last for many years to come with meticulous ground levelling and preparation. Depending on the intended use of the area and the type and size of the installation, the level of ground preparation required may vary.

Laying Artifical Grass on Soil

Sick and tired of patchy grass and muddy puddles? Synthetic grass could be the best solution for your garden in Botley. Specialist laying services guarantee a beautiful, low-maintenance finish built to last for years. With their expertise and know-how, they'll prepare the soil base, get rid of weeds, and lay a weed control membrane to prevent growth in the future. Your artificial lawn will benefit from a level, sturdy foundation, which this process ensures.

Laying Artifical Grass on Soil in Botley

The artificial grass chosen will be laid with care by professional installers, ensuring all seams are joined invisibly. With high-quality techniques and materials, they produce an entirely natural-looking lawn that is excellent for kid's play areas, patios, or any location where a lush green space is required without the need for mowing.

To lay your artificial grass directly onto soil, and achieve a beautiful, easily-maintained garden, consider hiring a professional grass laying service in Botley. They will oversee the complete process, making sure that you have a stunning green space to enjoy every month of the year. (Laying Artificial Grass on Soil in Botley)

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds & Schools

Rising as a groundbreaking answer for playgrounds and schools in Botley, artificial grass proffers a secure, enduring, and environmentally considerate surface, enhancing children's complete play immersion. The numerous benefits of fake turf are driving its rapid growth in popularity as the surface of choice for educational facilities and recreational areas.

Artificial Grass for Schools and Playgrounds in Botley

Resilience and Durability: On a daily basis, playgrounds and schools are exposed to rigorous play activities and heavy footfall. Such demands are what artificial grass is specifically designed to endure. Its integrity is maintained even after constant use, thanks to its durable fibres and robust construction. Fake grass is a more cost-effective choice than natural grass, as it requires less maintenance and replacement and can last for many years.

Safety First: The main reason for the adoption of artificial grass in school playgrounds is safety. Synthetic turf is a consistent and stable surface, whereas real grass can be uneven, muddy, and potentially hazardous. A safer environment for active play is created by synthetic turf with its dependable surface, which reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls. Additionally, some artificial grass systems incorporate shock-absorbing technology, further limiting the impact of falls and reducing the possibility of injuries.

All-Weather Play: Rainy weather throws a spanner in the works for children's outdoor activities. The rain quickly transforms the lovely green grass into a sloppy mud bath, preventing them from playing outside. Forget muddy patches after rain! Fake grass stands out for its reliable playability, providing a surface children can enjoy all through the year. This innovative product ensures that youngsters can take part in active outdoor learning activities, without being hampered by the weather conditions.

Environmental Implications: Eco-friendly artificial grass is a perfect choice for sustainable playgrounds and schools. By eliminating the requirement for pesticides, watering or mowing, it promotes the conservation of water and reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases that are associated with maintenance equipment. Schools, by choosing synthetic turf, demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility and provide an appealing outside area for children to learn and play.

Creative Design Opportunities: Imaginative and innovative playground designs are possible with synthetic grass. It can be installed to include educational elements, vibrant patterns and designated play zones. Schools can utilise this flexibility to create engaging landscapes that promote creativity, development and learning. Whether it's a hopscotch grid or an adventure trail, synthetic turf provides the canvas for countless possibilities.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: By establishing a more accessible environment for kids with disabilities, synthetic grass promotes inclusivity. For those with mobility issues, its smooth and even surface facilitates movement, making sure that all children can participate in playtime activities without limitations. This inclusivity encourages meaningful social interactions among children with diverse abilities and fosters a spirit of kinship.

All in all, the adoption of artificial grass has revolutionised play and learning environments outdoors for playgrounds and schools, marking a significant shift in our approach. In establishing engaging and sustainable spaces for children, it proves to be an ideal choice owing to its safety features, all-weather usability, durability, environmental benefits, design flexibility and inclusivity. Schools display a commitment to creating outside spaces that inspire growth, imagination, and happy learning experiences by opting for synthetic grass, prioritising children's well-being and safety. (31547 - Artificial Grass for Schools and Playgrounds in Botley)

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