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Artificial Grass Installers: Should you find yourself tired of the constant mowing and maintenance required by your current lawn in the UK, or if your outdoor space consists solely of a patio yet you yearn for a touch of greenery, considering the installation of artificial grass might be a wise choice. The reality is, not every homeowner in the UK has the inclination or the time to dedicate to the upkeep of a natural grass lawn. Without regular attention and care, typically provided by a frequent gardening service, your lawn is likely to become unkempt and overgrown. Artificial grass presents a low-maintenance alternative, offering the aesthetic appeal of a lush, green garden without the ongoing maintenance efforts, providing a practical and attractive solution for those seeking to enhance their garden with minimal hassle.

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The initial outlay for laying artificial grass may seem substantial, yet it undoubtedly proves to be cost-effective over time, given its minimal maintenance requirements post-installation. Decades of research and innovation have been invested in creating the advanced synthetic turf available today. As a result, this modern artificial grass is not only safe and extremely durable but also boasts a natural appearance that seamlessly blends with a variety of settings. This makes it a practical and visually appealing option for those looking to enjoy the benefits of a green space without the ongoing upkeep associated with traditional lawns.

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You'll certainly want to mull over the pros and cons of artificial grass if you are looking at installing some in your garden. I suppose the biggest benefit of artificial grass over "real" grass is the fact that it does not involve a lot of maintenance, which is a big plus point for a lot of folks in the UK. Another big plus is the fact that artificial grass looks exactly the same in any climatic conditions, looking great and staying green no matter what the weather is - in summer or winter.

Folks in the UK who are older or disabled will find artificial grass especially appealing. They will not have to keep worrying about trimming the lawn any longer, or have to employ gardeners to look after it. Artificial grass can even be thought as beneficial to the planet, because it never needs watering and consequently minimizes the use of valuable resources, and thus saves you money.

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Seeing as mowing is not required when you've got artificial grass 1. You'll not need to squander electricity or buy petrol. 2. You do not have to buy a lawn mower. 3. You can chill out when you are on holiday, as your grass is not going to become unmanageable. 4. You won't have to dispose of grass clippings.

Pet friendliness is another great advantage of artificial grass, so is worth thinking about if you have a cat or a dog. It will never get muddy when your cat or dog endeavours to dig holes in it, and it's easy to clean when it's fouled by your pet. Artificial grass is as beguiling to pets as natural grass and they will not be traipsing mud and dirt throughout your house after they have been out playing on a wet day.

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Artificial grass improves even more as time passes, and as soon as it's settled it looks much more convincing, developing an appearance that many would think to be the genuine article in many instances. Instead of worrying that your garden may look phony or silly if you have synthetic grass installed, it will instead be the envy of UK neighbourhood.

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Artificial turf has a host of uses which aren't exclusive to gardens including pubs, gymnasiums, children's play areas, patio decking, offices, golf putting greens, rooftop terraces, balconies, exhibition areas, poolsides, functions or bistros.

Synthetic grass is not susceptible to diseases and pests due to the nature of the products from which it is made. You'll never need to spray it with insecticides, fungicides or pesticides. Which means it is gentler for the environment and less harmful to wildlife, especially insects. Real grass however will probably have to be sprayed every once in awhile to protect it from diseases and pests. It can also be affected by browning throughout the hot summer season, resulting in unattractive, bald areas that are tricky to restore.

If you have the neccessary tools and equipment to complete the job, and are fairly decent at DIY it is not that difficult for you to put down your own synthetic grass in the UK. Having said that, for most property owners in the UK this might be a bit too much of an undertaking, and it will be necessary to bring in a qualified artificial grass installer. You could hunt around for suitable artificial grass companies near UK, or you can pay a visit to Bark who'll do all the legwork for you. Some local specialists can both supply and fit synthetic grass. You'll need the installation work to be handled correctly by an expert who knows what they are doing, because synthetic grass is not cheap. If you elect to lay the grass yourself there are plenty of YouTube videos that you can view to clarify the process. To learn how to lay synthetic grass on top of concrete head here.

Artificial Grass for Dogs UK

Artificial Grass for Dogs UK

Artificial grass is really pet friendly and has got a number of benefits when you compare it with genuine grass. Laying synthetic grass means your dog can't dig or track muddy, wet paw marks all over your home when it has been raining.

Artificial grass isn't subject to staining from dog pee, and other doggy messes can be cleared up quickly and easily. Mild disinfectant can be applied to stubborn spots, and then wiped away with a moist mop or cloth. This should leave you less stressed and your garden looking pristine.

Artificial grass can easily be laid over concrete providing a more pleasant area for your dog's paws. To generate an even softer surface for pets and kids, you can lay the synthetic grass on top of a special cushioned underlay. (Tags: Artificial Grass and Dogs UK, Dog Friendly Artificial Grass UK, Artificial Grass for Dogs UK).

Artificial Grass for Balcony UK

Artificial Grass for Balcony UK

Renew and refresh a tired looking balcony or terrace in the UK by installing artificial grass and bring the feeling of a lawn to your external areas. It is surprising how straightforward artificial grass is to install and it even helps to drain surface rainwater away whilst giving a stunning look to your balcony.

Even a small balcony can experience the feel of a springy lawn beneath your feet, and bigger roof terraces for outside entertaining can be made to look amazing with the appropriate artificial grass installed by a professional. If you use your balcony regularly, a lower pile, more durable grass could be more suitable for your outside space.

It is simple to create your own private garden area, even in a city or town environment. You will then be able to unwind and put aside the stresses of UK life, by adding some accessories such as an interesting feature, a few flower pots or some colourful plants, to your new synthetic grass.

Artificial Grass Over Decking

If not properly looked after, timber decking can get really scruffy after a while, and this is something that many homeowners in the UK are beginning to realise. Decking is a rather costly investment and refurbishing it is not likely to be cheap. Assuming that your decking is sound, you could always cover it with artificial grass. Any algae and moss that is present will have to be removed, and the decking given a comprehensive cleaning. For the successful laying of artificial grass over decking, it is essential that the gaps between the boards don't exceed 1cm. Laying artificial grass over larger gaps can trigger rippling and sagging, which won't be an attractive look for your newly grassed area. You could try to infill or reduce any significant gaps, if this is at all feasible.

It is probably best to give the deck a coat of preservative before finally covering it over, this will help stop it from rotting and make it last longer. Nailing or stapling is generally the preferred method for fixing your artificial grass to the decking, and that is a better solution in this situation, than applying some sort of glue.

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If you want your new artificial grass to always look its best, you'll still need to clean and take care of it, even though it's viewed as a low maintenance solution. Many people with artificial grass in the UK quite simply lose interest in their lawn once it has been put in. This is by no means recommended, because fallen leaves, debris and dirt particles must be frequently swept away in order to stop your new lawn from sustaining damage. To avoid tearing or ripping your grass, you should use a brush with soft bristles for gently removing deposits, rather than a metal pronged lawn rake.

To effectively clean stained or marked areas of lawn, you can use either a suitable artificial grass cleaner which will give it a fresh smell and kill bacteria, or you can try a vinegar and water concoction in the form of a 50/50 solution. Some property owners in the UK sprinkle their lawns with fabric softener, which is thought to minimise static and keep the individual fibres of grass looking bouncy, soft and flexible. Your new artificial grass should last and look good for many years to come, if you care for and clean it correctly.

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What do You Put Under Artificial Grass?

When installing artificial grass, it is recommended to include a layer of material beneath it to provide stability, drainage, and support. The commonly used materials for the base or sub-base of artificial grass include:

  1. Sub-Base Aggregate: A layer of compacted aggregate, such as crushed stone or gravel, serves as the foundation for the artificial grass. It provides stability, improves drainage, and helps prevent the growth of weeds.
  2. Geotextile Fabric: Placing a geotextile fabric over the sub-base helps to separate it from the underlying soil, preventing the migration of soil particles and enhancing drainage. It also acts as a barrier to prevent weed growth.
  3. Decomposed Granite or Sand: A layer of decomposed granite or sand can be spread over the geotextile fabric to create a smooth and level surface. It helps in achieving proper drainage and provides additional stability for the artificial grass.
  4. Shock Absorption Layer (Optional): For areas that will be used for sports or recreational purposes, an additional shock absorption layer may be added. This layer consists of a rubber or foam material that provides cushioning and reduces the risk of injuries.

It's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and consult with a professional installer to determine the appropriate materials and thickness required for the specific installation. The choice of materials may vary depending on factors such as climate, intended use, and site conditions.

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