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Artificial Grass Tunbridge Wells Kent (TN1): Artificial grass is a versatile surface of synthetic fibres which is developed to look like natural turf. The fact that it requires less maintenance is one of the advantages that it has over "real" grass. It's mainly used for outdoor sports that generally take place on natural grass; although it has become widely used on residential gardens and even for commercial applications. Synthetic grass has numerous benefits for property owners in Tunbridge Wells, but there are also negative aspects that have to be evaluated.

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If you're sick of cutting and looking after your lawn in Tunbridge Wells, or you only have a patio and would like a bit of greenery in your garden, you might want to give consideration to having some synthetic or artificial grass laid. The truth is that everybody in Tunbridge Wells doesn't have the inclination or time to be continuously caring for and trimming a "real" grass lawn, and unless you are planning to hire a gardener to do this frequently, your lawn is rapidly going to look neglected and forlorn.

Artificial Grass Tunbridge Wells Kent (TN1)

You won't be surprised to hear artificial grass is fairly expensive to install in the beginning, however because of its low-maintenance properties, will repay those costs several times over in the longer term. Seeing that the artificial grass that you can purchase today has been produced using cutting edge materials and is the outcome of years of innovation, it is natural looking, safe to use and very durable.

You will certainly want to go through the pros and cons of artificial grass if you are looking at installing some in your garden in Tunbridge Wells. I reckon that the biggest benefit of artificial grass over "real" grass is that it does not require a lot of maintenance, which is a huge plus factor for a lot of property owners in Tunbridge Wells. Yet another big plus is that artificial grass looks exactly the same in all weather conditions, staying green and looking great regardless of what the weather is - in the winter or summertime.

People in Tunbridge Wells who are less able or elderly will find artificial grass especially attractive. They will not have to stress about mowing the lawn any longer, or need to employ gardeners to maintain it. The wastage of precious resources is diminished when you've got artificial grass since it never needs watering and you will never need to stress about hose pipe bans throughout those sizzling hot summers that we get every now and then.

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Because you will not need to mow artificial grass 1. You won't need to dispose of grass cuttings. 2. You won't need to purchase petrol or use electricity. 3. You won't have to buy a lawn mower. 4. You can chill out when you are on holiday, because your lawn is never gonna get out of control.

Artificial grass is regarded as being pet friendly and is a great advantage if you've got a cat or a dog. When soiled by a pet, artificial grass is simple to get clean, and does not suffer from the problem of muddy patches where pets try to dig holes. Artificial grass is as attractive to animals as real grass and they will not be tramping dirt and mud through your home after they have been playing when its been raining.

For a synthetic lawn that is going to be utilized for loads of sporting activities, you might want to upgrade to a sports artificial grass which is even more hard-wearing and durable. Sports grass is lead and cadmium free and provides you with an even, flat topography in any weather conditions.

Strange as it may seem, after it's been laid for a short time synthetic grass seems even more natural develops a much more convincing appearance, looking and feeling much like the genuine article to the majority of folks. Rather than worrying that your garden might look phony or ridiculous if you have synthetic grass installed, it will in fact be envied by your neighbours in Tunbridge Wells.

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Synthetic turf has a wide selection of uses that are not limited to gardens including fitness centres, hotels, events, bars, roof terraces, children's play areas, schools, swimming pools, sports surfaces, decks, bistros or golf courses. You can give a balcony in Tunbridge Wells a makeover by adding synthetic grass and bring the appearance of a lawn to this outside area.

Synthetic grass does not need to be sprayed with pesticides, insecticides or fungicides, as it is manufactured from a material that isn't susceptible to pests and diseases. This means it is better for the ecosystem and far less damaging to wildlife, in particular insects. On the other hand, actual grass can be affected by many issues and diseases and can be "scorched" during hot weather, leaving behind bald, ugly patches.

When imitation grass is laid upon a soft surface with a base layer of sand beneath, it is going to require some form of edging to hold everything in place and maintain the integrity of the surface. If you do not install an appropriate edging, the sand will constantly move around when you stand, walk or sit on it, and over time you'll get lumps and uneven patches in the grass, together with countless other issues.

If you are fairly good at DIY and have the appropriate tools to carry out the work it is not impossible for you to put down your own area of artificial grass in Tunbridge Wells. However, for the majority of folks in Tunbridge Wells the best course of action will be to call on the services of a qualified artificial grass installer, because this sort of work is beyond their abilities. Several local specialists near Tunbridge Wells can both supply and fit artificial turf, and a swift search on the internet will throw up some suitable leads. Then again you could just head over to and let them do the donkey work for you, they will send you a few quotes within a day or so. Artificial grass is not all that cheap, so you will want the installation to be handled properly by somebody who knows what they're up to. You'll find there are lots of YouTube videos you can study to help you on your way, if you do opt to lay the grass yourself. To discover the simplest way to install a synthetic turf lawn head here.

It is frequently the recommendations of friends or colleagues for a particular provider or person that can provide the best sources for artificial grass options in Tunbridge Wells. Positive word of mouth endorsements are preferred by most householders in Tunbridge Wells (over eighty percent according to research), therefore if you know of a friend or relative who has had artificial grass put in, find out if they are willing to recommend someone. From the potential tradesmen, see if you can obtain at least two or three quotations.

Prices of Artificial Grass Tunbridge Wells (01892)

In recent times, the variety of artificial grasses has grown, and with it the array of different prices that are charged for it. When this article was written (2021) the prices for synthetic grass started at approximately £10 per m2, rising to £35 per m2 or even more. Though you can purchase it in tile form, synthetic grass normally comes in rolls of 2m or 4m width, with a range of lengths to fit your specific requirements.

The costs for installation can vary widely and will depend on many things, particularly the type of grass you're laying and the nature of the surface on which you're laying it. A ballpark price of £40 to £50 per m2 will give you a sense of the sorts of costs associated with installation. If you're confident and brave enough to try it, you could even have a go at installing your own synthetic grass lawn. Although, for most people in Tunbridge Wells, it will be a case of swallowing the pill, and calling in a competent synthetic grass installer or landscape gardener to complete the work.

If you've invested in a good quality artificial grass product, and it's been laid correctly and professionally, you can reckon on it lasting for perhaps 10 years or more. This will obviously be contingent on a number of factors, including how much footfall the grass will be exposed to. Whatever happens, you will get excellent value for your investment and many years of pleasure from it.

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Artificial grass can easily be installed in Tunbridge Wells and also in: Bidborough, Matfield, Ashurst, Frant, Rusthall, Fordcombe, Groombridge, Bells Yew Green, Brenchley, Speldhurst, Tudeley, Mark Cross, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Penshurst, and in these postcodes TN1 1XJ, TN1 1XZ, TN1 1QR, TN1 1ES, TN1 1XP, TN1 1YB, TN1 2AB, TN1 2AA, TN1 1SD, and TN1 1DJ. Local Tunbridge Wells artificial grass installers will likely have the telephone dialling code 01892 and the postcode TN1. If you want to obtain a quote for the installation of artificial grass, you can easily do so by clicking on the "Quote" banner.

The Different Types of Artificial Grass

  • Nylon
  • Medium Pile
  • Long Pile
  • Short Pile
  • Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene

Sports Grass Tunbridge Wells

Sports Synthetic Grass Tunbridge Wells (01892)

You may want to upgrade to a sports artificial grass if you are hoping to play sports on your new lawn, which will put it through considerably more wear. Look for a sports grass that contains no lead or cadmium and one that will provide an even playing surface whatever the weather. Looking really like genuine grass, this sports version is environment friendly and is perfect for playing sports like football on. Make sure you purchase a UV stabilised grass that won't lose colour in bright sunlight.

Synthetic grass can even be purchased specifically for use as a putting surface. You are now able to create your own putting green made out of imitation grass, on which you can work on your putting technique right through the year and in any weather conditions. When properly laid the finished surface should play true and smooth all year long, allowing you to supercharge your game in your own garden regardless of the weather.

Advantages of Artificial Grass

  • No hazardous pesticides or fertilizers
  • Stays green irrespective of the weather
  • Safe for youngsters
  • Durable and hard-wearing
  • No more weeds
  • No problems with mud
  • Will not need to be watered
  • Does not need to be mowed
  • Low maintenance
  • Dogs love it

Laying Artifical Grass on Soil

Tired of waterlogged areas and patchy grass? Say farewell to mowing and hello to a fantastic lawn! Synthetic grass could be your garden's savior. For a faultless, low-maintenance finish that is built to withstand time, professional laying services are the best option. The soil base will be expertly prepared, weeds will be eradicated, and a geotextile weed membrane will be laid to prevent future growth. This establishes a uniform and stable base for your artificial grass.

Laying Artifical Grass on Soil in Tunbridge Wells

The chosen artificial grass will be carefully installed by professionals, making sure that all joints are as invisible as possible. They use high-quality techniques and materials to create an entirely natural-looking lawn that's suitable for patios, play areas, or anywhere you desire a lush green space without the bother of mowing.

To create a lovely, low-maintenance garden, you should use a professional service in Tunbridge Wells to install artificial grass on your soil. They will happily handle the entire process, leaving you with an incredible, all-weather green space to enjoy and relax in. (Laying Artificial Grass on Soil in Tunbridge Wells)

Ground Levelling and Preparation for Laying Artificial Grass

Ground preparation and levelling are indispensable for a successful artificial grass installation. The appearance and longevity of artificial grass installation are greatly enhanced with meticulous ground preparation, creating a smooth and even surface.

The initial step towards ground preparation is to eliminate any existing vegetation or debris from the area. Levelling and compacting the ground next is crucial to achieve a firm and solid surface. The area is then covered with a layer of crushed stone or gravel, which provides a stable base for the artificial grass to sit on. Last but not least, a layer of sand is added and leveled to create a smooth and even surface.

The success of your artificial grass installation in terms of durability and aesthetics depends on meticulous ground levelling and preparation. The required level of ground preparation could vary based on the intended use of the area, installation type and size. It is important to consult with an artificial grass installer to make sure that the ground preparation is appropriate for the particular installation requirements.

Artificial Grass Underlay Tunbridge Wells

No synthetic turf installation project is complete without the appropriate artificial grass underlay. By providing a smooth and stable surface, it ensures the artificial grass lays evenly. Designed for comfort, the underlay cushions the artificial grass, transforming it into a comfortable surface for walking and playtime activities. Where safety and comfort are paramount, it can be especially beneficial in sports areas, playgrounds and gardens in Tunbridge Wells.

Artificial Grass Underlay Tunbridge Wells

To help with drainage and stop water from pooling on the surface, install underlay. This feature is crucial in maintaining the artificial grass's lifespan and appearance. The underlay usually consists of materials like rubber or foam, designed to absorb shock and reduce wear and tear on the turf. Ensuring a consistent look and feel, this protects the grass from the ground's imperfections.

Using an underlay can also enhance the insulation properties of artificial grass, making it suitable for various weather conditions. It helps to keep the surface cooler in the summer and can add a warmth providing layer in the colder winter months. All things considered, ensuring the comfort, attractiveness and longevity of your artificial grass starts with a top quality underlay. (Artificial Grass Underlay Tunbridge Wells)

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds and Schools in Tunbridge Wells

Artificial grass is a solution for playgrounds and schools that provides a safe, lasting, and eco-friendly surface that enriches children's overall play experience. Recreational areas and educational institutions are increasingly choosing synthetic turf as their surface of choice due to its countless advantages.

Artificial Grass for Schools and Playgrounds in Tunbridge Wells

Safety First: Artificial grass is being chosen for schools and play areas largely because it is safe. Artificial turf provides a uniform and stable surface, unlike natural grass, which can be muddy, uneven, and potentially dangerous. Trips, falls and slips are reduced by the dependable surface of synthetic turf, which ensures a safer environment for lively play. To further limit the impact of falls and reduce the likelihood of injuries, some artificial grass products have shock-absorbing technology.

Resilience and Durability: Heavy foot traffic and intense play activities are experienced daily by schools and playgrounds. Artificial grass is manufactured to stand up to such demands specifically. Its durable fibres and robust construction allow it to maintain its integrity even after continued use. Artificial grass requires minimal maintenance and replacement, so its longevity translates to long-term cost savings.

All-Weather Play: Sunshine may be best for playtime, but rain can put a damper on things. Puddles take over the grassy areas, leaving them out-of-bounds for outdoor fun. Worried about the weather ruining playtime? Artificial grass is the solution! It guarantees a usable surface for youngsters to play on, whatever the conditions. This ingenious product allows children to continue their outdoor play and educational pursuits, unhindered by rain or sunshine.

Environmental Considerations: Artificial grass for schools and playgrounds is created with eco-conscious sustainability in mind. It eliminates the requirement for watering, mowing, and the use of pesticides, contributing to water conservation and lowering the carbon footprint that's associated with maintenance equipment. By choosing synthetic turf, schools express a commitment to environmental responsibility while providing an appealing outdoor area for children to play and learn.

Synthetic Grass for Playgrounds in Tunbridge Wells

Inclusivity and Accessibility: Artificial grass encourages inclusivity through the creation of a more accessible environment for youngsters with disabilities. Movement for those with mobility issues is facilitated by its even and smooth surface, ensuring that all kids can participate in playtime activities without barriers. This inclusivity supports positive social interactions among youngsters with different abilities and creates a spirit of kinship.

Creative Design Opportunities: Synthetic grass enables imaginative and innovative playground designs. Vibrant patterns, designated play zones and educational elements can be incorporated into the installation. This sort of flexibility enables schools to create engaging landscapes that promote creativity, development and learning. Whether it's a mini soccer field or a hopscotch grid, synthetic turf provides a canvas for limitless possibilities.

To conclude, artificial grass has proven to be a game-changer for schools and playgrounds, totally changing the way we approach outside play and learning environments. For the development of engaging and sustainable spaces for children, it emerges as an ideal choice due to its durability, all-weather usability, safety features, environmental benefits, design flexibility and inclusivity. Investment in synthetic grass by schools and educational institutions prioritises children's safety and well-being, while also showing a commitment to creating outside spaces that inspire imagination, growth, and joyous learning experiences. (60571 - Artificial Grass for Schools and Playgrounds in Tunbridge Wells)

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